What’s Soeliok? A fantastic trilogy and a universe to discover

Soeliok is the dream of a lifetime, it is a shared project, it is a book (nay 3), but it is above all a story that takes us to a place where diversity, knowledge and relationships between all forms of life win.

Let’s find out all its secrets together, what it talks about and what values ​​it holds, until we get to know them better the path that led the author to go beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

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Soeliok, a fantastic but plausible world

Soeliok is a very light gas that dwarves use to support their heavy vehicles. Not only that: it is the element that represents the border between reality and imagination, that seemingly insurmountable limit that marks the transition to adulthood. And in Soeliok’s world, this boundary can be crossed at any age.

The first book, “The breath of the earth”, speaks of dwarves who, confined for thousands of years among the high peaks of a mountain range, put their wits at the service of scientific research. A young dwarf with mysterious origins, a wise grandfather who speaks in rhyme and a geologist with awakening problems, find themselves involved in an adventure that will forever change the destiny of their people. In book 2, “Beyond borders”, and in book 3, “Behind the waterfall”, both to be released in 2020, the scene moves to the vast territories of the Populated Lands, to continue the journey that has just begun in the first: an adventure suitable for all ages, which touches current themes and values ​​between flying ships, mysterious creatures and ancient secrets.

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A fantasy book suitable for everyone and the values ​​on which to reflect

Soeliok is not just a book for children, it is really suitable for all ages: from the youngest readers to adults. This is for a simple reason: Soeliok’s universe is set in a context foreign to our time, but the protagonists live and face values
and topical issues. Throughout the story, important issues such as migration and diversity are addressed, land relations between peoples and we find ourselves reflecting on the meaning of the family, of the borders and how much knowledge is always the most important weapon against fear. But that’s not all: the reader can explore numerous issues related to the present day such as architecture, science, astronomy. And then the journey, another protagonist among the themes that touches this fantasy book: the discovery, the unknown, the desire to touch new lands and go beyond those mountains that had always limited the world of the dwarves of Fiòrderik.

If you are interested in learning more about Soeliok’s values, read the article: Soeliok: an ancient history made up of current values

Leafing through the first pages of the book you can already perceive how much all this is absolutely true: the story flows in a pleasant way, while the sub-chapters make the pace more and more pressing, without ever getting boring. Soeliok lets itself be read and flows smoothly because it is not that far from our world . On the contrary. There is a lot of us, of our limits (exclusively mental ones) and of our way of seeing things. But at the same time, there is a gas, soeliok, which allows the dwarves to fly their ships and cross the peaks of those mountains, as can only happen by letting themselves be guided by the imagination.

A universe to be discovered.

Who's the author

Behind Soeliok’s words there is an Italian author: Daniele Barioglio , born in 1976. Daniele has always been a lover of stories and all forms of art, and experiments with various disciplines and models of communication. Graduated in 2001 in scenography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis entitled “The fantasy setting”, he started writing the novel “Soeliok”, concluded in 2019. In 2009 he founded ZoneCreative , a multimedia artistic laboratory in which he holds the role of creative director. His passion for stories led him to become a director and to follow the artistic development of all the agency’s projects. In 2011, with the arrival of Davide De Conti, he transformed ZoneCreative into a S.r.l. and with him he continued to work in Soeliok alongside the other creative projects of the agency.

How the Soeliok project was born

It all started with the need to create a universe in which to set an RPG . In fact, even as a child when he played with his friends, Daniele enjoyed creating a system of personal rules: the common settings and the classic rules of role-playing games were too often superficial in the method, and did not satisfy their curiosity.

Whole days were spent trying to find answers to questions such as: how does magic really work, what is a dragon really like? How does he breathe fire? How old can a dwarf live?

As time passed, some of these questions were answered and the world of Soeliok began to take shape, even though Daniele still did not know that it would be called that.

Only later, when the context was now full of details and narrative ideas, did he decide to set a story there by starting to think about the characters: it was a natural passage, because he already knew the places they lived, the habits of their people, the languages ​​and many other details.

The transition from the setting to the novel arose essentially from the need to convey a message.
Soeliok’s universe is a container capable of hosting infinite adventures, but maturity often leads to seeking answers that are no longer linked solely to the playful aspect. For this reason Daniele began to feel the need to transmit specific values, using the world he had built to shape them through characters and a story .

And perhaps it is precisely this combination of container and content that is Soeliok’s key to interpreting it: a place where the protagonists experience a story, but in the overall perception of a geographical and temporal context beyond all imagination.

It is precisely from here that the Soeliok universe began to come to life, in many ways.

5 simple reasons why you should read Soeliok

  • Do you love the fantasy genre? Read it.
  • Are you a teacher looking for educational and stimulating reading for your kids? Read it. And have it read.
  • Do you want to immerse yourself in fantastic worlds but are also looking for a book that makes you reflect on the values ​​of everyday life , on a journey between real and surreal? You got it right: read it! 😉
  • If you believe in dreams, you have perceived the why that lies behind this book and you want to support the project of a lifetime, then we are sure that you will buy it: it does not matter in what format, but we are sure that you will read it. Because dreamers like us understand each other on the fly!
  • Finally, we think you should read it because it’s not just a fantasy novel like everyone else: it’s a much more elaborate and complex editorial project. By supporting it you will contribute to expanding it, giving life to the future app, the board game, the sound contributions, the creation of new graphics. Basically, you will make Soeliok a bigger and bigger world, which also comes to life thanks to its readers.

A trilogy of paper, but also digital.

Soeliok is not only readable, but also listenable.

That’s right: if we have intrigued you, you can choose to register for our newsletter first, for read and listen to the first chapters of book 1 for free : The Breath of the Earth.

Thanks to the web book format (if you don’t know what find out here ) you can read and listen to the novel starring Carlo Valli, the wonderful Italian voice of Robin Williams.

If the story takes you, you can buy the complete trilogy in web book format or in a precious box containing the three volumes in paper format .

And now get on board! Fiòrderik’s flying ships will take you to the fantastic world of Soeliok!

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