design for the project

A boundless universe

to discover

In 2022, kickstarter campaign will be launched to finance english version of Soeliok project.

Daniele mentre scrive il libro di Soeliok davanti al computer, telefono e ipad
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A fantastic adventure

The whole creative project revolves around the fantasy story, which is only a tiny part of the Soeliok universe.

Daniele mentre disegna il logo scritto e l'icona di Soeliok
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The graphic design

The brand identity construction: font, logotype, naming, layout, cover, images, packaging: each element…

Audio book

Rediscover the pleasure of listening

Mic check 1, 2, 3
Listen to the awakening scene of Nodfri in the three available versions: voice, voice+sounds or voice+sounds+music.
carlo valli che legge il libro
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daniele mentre lavora al sound design
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alessandro ponti suona il pianoforte per comporre le colonne sonore di Soeliok
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carlo valli che legge il libro
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The voice

English voice acting auditions are open for Soeliok!

The Italian version of the audiobook features the brilliant audio performance of Carlo Valli, a prominent Italian actor and dubbing artist who is best known as the official voice of Robin Williams. Carlo Valli’s exceptional acting skills bring the story to life, pulling you in and refusing to let go.
date of birth

Born October 4th, 1943

years on stage
He started his career as a young man
Robin Williams movies

the italian voice of Robin Williams

voiced movies

his voice is featured in over 350 movies

alessandro ponti suona il pianoforte per comporre le colonne sonore di Soeliok
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Music, Maestro!

Fear, wonder, pride... who is in control of the emotions?

Music, perhaps more than any other art form, is able to induce feelings and emotions. A well written soundtrack is more than a collection of good tunes. It brings a completely new perspective to the story, leading to places which are not accessible to the mind and not visible to the eye.
sonorized chapters

For a total of over four hours of original orchestrated and recorded music in the studio.

hours of music

For a total of over four hours of original orchestrated and recorded music in the studio.

month of work

Meetings, description of the scenes, choice of sounds, recordings, music composition… It was a very intense year.

decade of inspiration

The 90s were a great source of inspiration, not only from an artistic point of view, but also for their more playful and childlike approach.

daniele mentre lavora al sound design
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Let’s make some noise!

Can you tell a story without using words?

Sound is a source of information and emotion triggering a range of sensory responses in our brain. Usually, the sound of thunder is horrifying and taken as a sign of danger. A whisper draws more attention than a voice raised. The moan of a child causes tenderness.
individual sounds

about 50 tracks per chapter

hours of work

8 hours of work per chapter

recorded sounds

almost a thousand sounds recorded in the studio

sonorized chapters

Each paragraph has been voiced in detail


where are we heading to?

jan 2022

Ready to launch

launch of english web site

meet the english community

chose of social platforms

jan - feb - mar

Soeliok goes english

grow english community

designing game (rpg, board game, nft game)

soundtrack and sound design books 2 and 3

Q1 2022

apr - may - june

NFT and soundtrack

first nft drop (the dwarves)

launch of complete Soeliok soundtrack

casting english voice for web book

Q2 2022

july - aug - sept

Soeliok on kickstarter

kickstarter campaign

translation, voice, illustrations, prints

Q3 2022

oct - nov - dec

Soeliok in production

translation english version book 3

recording english voice of web book

new illustrations

Q4 2022

Who we are

Soeliok: A team game

Daniele Barioglio

Author - Creative Director

Daniele is the creative mind behind the project. He created the universe of Soeliok and is the author of the trilogy. He designed the graphic art elements, made the book sketches and managed the team of illustrators who designed the world of the Peopled Lands. He has also directed the audiobook sound design.

Carlo Valli

Actor - Voice Actor

Carlo is a professional actor and voice actor with decades of experience performing in theatre, film, and dubbing. He narrated the entire trilogy in audiobook format giving us a terrific performance , bringing a new light to the story.

Davide De Conti

Technical Director

Davide is the technical director of the project. He defined the technological strategy in conjunction with the development team of the project, making key software design and implementation decisions. . He has managed the production of all video content, 2D and 3D animations and is responsible for marketing and logistics.

Alessandro Ponti

Composer - Musician

Alessandro composed and edited the digital orchestration of over four hours of music and was in charge of the entire music production. He organized the operating station, helped us find the musical libraries and the musicians for the recorded tracks.

Jacopo Mazza

Composer - Musician

Jacopo helped us in the recording of Carlo Valli’s voice. Right by his side, sitting at the piano, the music theme of Fiòrderik, the capital of the dwarves of the mountains, took shape. He later wrote several other important themes including the explorer, the dragons and the character of Bilosk.

Ted Martin Consoli

Audio Engineer

Ted was responsible for the recording of the narrator’s voice and edited the technical post-production of the audio stream. His work did not only ensure a natural and high quality voice output, but also made possible its treatment in relation to the locations required by the sound design department.

Founding Masters (italian edition)
Our gratitude goes to all those who supported our project on Kickstarter helping us to turn a dream into reality. .The names of our Founding Masters are listed in random order:

We are a creative agency specializing in video production and advertising. In 2018, we started Soeliok, a creative multimedia project with the ambition to combine the book publishing industry with the world of gaming in a single product.

“We believe that the potential of the project lies in the fact that it is produced directly by a creative agency. There are no intermediaries or marketing constraints imposed by a client. ZoneCreative can put its experience and expertise in the design for the project, with no compromise on creativity”.

Find out what happens in the Peopled Lands...