For millennia they have been putting their ingenuity at the service of knowledge. Will they be able to cross the impassable peaks that surround them?
HelGrov, sole Emperor of Norigia, is giving birth to the most powerful army in the Populated Lands in order to annihilate the Orkran.
They are a peaceful people, but their curiosity will draw them on a perilous journey in search of dragons
Glendark, the commercial heart of the Populated Lands, is a very popular destination, but behind the high falls hides an ancient secret.
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The map of Peopled Lands


The Fantasy world of Soeliok

The civilizations that inhabit the Peopled Lands have very different histories and cultures.

Mountain dwarves

The people

The Capital of Fiòrderik


Science and technology

The Flying Air-ships


The Dwarvish Language

illustrazione di Fiorderik, la città sulle montagne
The city in the mountains
Fiòrderik was founded on the slopes of Mount Smaragd, the highest peak of the Kélamnkor region. Its central position has meant that over the years it became the logistics centre of air travel and the seat of the High Council, the most important political body of the dwarf society.
disegno della catena montuosa del Kelamnkor
The insurmountable mountain chain
It’s the region within the Norkiak mountain chain where the Mountain dwarves live. An ancient geological event has raised the outer mountains of the chain by sinking the inner mountains and creating a natural barrier that has isolated the Mountain dwarves for millennia.

The Plains Dwarves

The people

The capital of Norigia


The falconry

The Dwarvish

illustrazione di norigia,
An impregnable city
It is the capital of the dwarf Empire. The most impregnable city of all the Peopled Lands. Erected on a large natural relief is defended on both sides by the high cliffs of the North Sea, to the east by the mountains and to the south by the walls overlooking the plain.
rappresentazione di uno scafo rovesciato, tipica architettura per costruire i tetti dei nani delle pianure
Overturned hulls
The architecture of the Plains dwarves is closely linked to the shipyards and they share many common elements: the roofs are overturned hulls, the bridges become large arcades and the masts are supporting main columns or watchtowers.
illustrazione del rifugio dove si addestrano i falchi
Trade and mail
The hawks are the only living beings able to cross the high mountain chain that separates Norigia from Fiòrderik. The Plains dwarves have become masters in the ancient art of falconry thanks to which they keep active a service of mail and trade of small objects with their cousins of the mountains.
The places of falconry
The young hawks are trained in special buildings located near the highest cliffs. When they become more experienced and strong enough to cope with longer journeys, they are transferred to outposts in the mountains where they can nest.

The indonuim

The people

The Free Greenreach of Glendark

Means of transportation

illustrazione di un bosco con sentiero nei verdiconfini liberi
A heaven of peace
The landscape surrounding the villages of the Greenreach is lush and green. There are no large cities or large roads to cross it. These places are always indicated in very small characters on the maps.
A precious gift
They enjoy a political settlement set up by Queen Glorden herself. Their exploration and research-oriented lifestyle is recognized as a valuable benefit to the Realm of Men.
disegni dei mezzi di trasporto
Travelling houses
The indonuim wagons are real travelling dwellings. They are efficient on the go and offer all the comforts: beds, a small library, a wood stove and an equipped kitchen. They are means that adapt to any terrain and can turn into rafts to ford rivers and perform small stretches via water.

The men

The people

The capital of Glendark

illustrazione su pergamena di glendark
Commercial centre
It is the capital of the Realm of Men. It has no ancient roots, but it was built with the intention of enhancing the commercial heart of the Peopled Lands. Being founded in times of peace it does not have an important defensive system, but it is built on the three levels of a system of lakes and waterfalls.
The city on the waterfalls
The city was built on a project related to the particular conformation of the territory. Large stone bridges connect the three levels of the city and unite the ports, residential areas and royal buildings. High waterfalls roam among the white walls of the imposing and elegant buildings.

The orkran

The people

The Orkran Language


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