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Soeliok is an extremely light gas that dwarves use to support their air-ships’s balloons.
Soeliok is the element representing a boundary between reality and imagination.
Soeliok is a place of diversity, knowledge and relationships between all forms of life.
illustrazione colorata di un mezzo volante
illustrazione colorata di un mezzo volante


Let yourself be carried away by the Soeliok adventure anytime, anywhere.


Original music score, captivating sound design, amazing voice acting: a movie for your ears.


A rich and realistic universe perfect for setting RPG adventures, board games and video games.

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Kickstarter project

The best fantasy book of all time is coming soon. In 2022 the kickstarter campaign will be launched to fund the English version of Soeliok project, the soundtrack and acting voice of the web book, the translation of book 3, new illustrations, games and much more…
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Listen to the first chapter of the audio book

A unique, immersive cinematic narration! Your imagination truly runs wild with the voice acting, original soundtrack , sound effects and more.

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Peter Baker

Peter Baker is the voice of the Soeliok English demo. What does he think about the project?


Tales of Peopled Lands

The stories of dwarves, indonuim, half-elves and men intertwine in the fight against the orkran, as the millennial cycle of dragons draws to a close.
ritratto di un personaggio di Soeliok: Nodfri, nano delle montagne
“I know our air-ships can only fly within Kélamnkor, but how far has a dwarf ever gone, really?”


Soeliok is a story filled with adventure set in an imaginary time that nevertheless addresses real and current issues.
Fear - Courage

Fear is constantly aroused by the dread of the unknown or unknowable. 

Courage wells up in those who search for knowledge and build relationships with others.
Diversity - Resource
Diversity is one of the greatest riches a society can have. What makes a true hero is someone seeing diversity as a resource rather than a threat.
In diversity lies uniqueness.
Family - Love
Family is intended as a social nucleus based on love and mutual benefits regardless of origin, gender or age.
Family stands for community, opportunity and love.
Borders - Migrations
Borders are made to divide people and to keep the nonexistent enemies away.

The freedom to migrate in search of new lands is the reflection of an advanced civilization.

NFT Project

We are planning to drop our first NFT collection in the next few months, stay tuned for more details and to get involved in the project, it will be huge!

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