Web book 1 (english)
The Breath of the Earth

Web book 1 (english)

The Breath of the Earth


Trapped for thousands of years within the high peaks of a mountain chain, the dwarves have applied their ingenuity to scientific research. They’ve learnt how to control soeliok, an extremely light gas that powers their flying vessels. Legend has it that the gas was produced by the breath of dragons who used it to stay in flight and create their deadly flames. Soeliok only escapes from the rocks within Kélamnkor, which is why, after thousands of years, the dwarves are still living apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the Peopled Lands. A young dwarf with mysterious origins, a wise grandfather who speaks in rhyme and deep-sleeping geologist find themselves caught up in a journey that will change the lives of their people forever.

Read Soeliok, no downloading request, directly from the site. Audio version with music and sounds will be available in 2022

  • 208 pages (download in .epub )
  • Audio version will be available in 2022 and automatically added to product