I received the box with the Soeliok trilogy as a gift and I liked it very much. The edition is truly magnificent, the symbol and seal are unique and precious and the illustrations are splendid. It was since the old edition of “The Neverending Story” that I hadn’t had such a well-finished book in my hands. And, importantly, it’s also a great fantasy. I am a passionate reader especially of children’s literature, in general fantasy is not one of my favorite readings, but when I meet one that deserves it it involves and captures me. Soeliok was one of them: adventurous, original, “positive” for his message of tolerance and integration. Well done!


I read the whole trilogy in one week and it was a pleasant discovery. I liked the story very much, it is well structured, full of details and the reading is very fluent. The love of knowledge, respect for others, collaboration and friendship are at the center of the story and are described very well by the author through each character who in his own way leaves a teaching to the reader. It is a book suitable for children but also great for adults.

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Arrivata la trilogia fisica, ADORO tutto, illustrazioni BELLISSIME! complimenti a tutto lo staff della ZoneCreative.


Coinvolgente e piacevolissima lettura, scritto meravigliosamente bene, il racconto fantastico si evolve fluido, verrebbe voglia di leggerlo tutto d’un fiato, adatto a tutte le età. Ma soprattutto utile a far riflettere una volta di più sul senso delle nostre azioni e di tutto ciò che ci circonda. L’autore merita i complimenti del lettore


When we understand that battles are not won by closing the doors of the cities, but by opening those of our mind, we will perhaps be a better people. ”
I bought Soeliok The Trilogy in a poke, funding the project on Kickstarter. I did not know anything about the saga or the author, but between the lines I could see something magical that was revealed later when I read the books.
Soeliok is a fantasy that in many ways resembles what’s already out there. If I had to compare it to a work I would venture that reminds me of The Hobbit, with which it has many similarities.

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