In a time when many, perhaps too many, stand up as writers … Daniele, quietly, gives us a fantasy worthy of the empyrean of the genre. Masterfully written! The events are told in a wonderful way. Before buying the book, I entirly listened to the video-book with the narration voice of Carlo Valli (the Italian voice of Robin Williams), but from the first chapters Soeliok had already conquered me. The characters are fresh and deep, characterized in a worthy and accurate way. Eldur, my favorite character, will be loved, you will see !! His rhyming every time he opens his mouth must have been a good exercise for Daniele, who proves to have great inventiveness. Yet, despite the difficulty of finding the rhyme, this is never forced to produce the desired meaning. This is certainly possible thanks to the author’s mastery of the language. What to tell you? Buy it. Soeliok is really worth a lot and I look forward to the follow-up. Ps: no, I’m not an acquaintance !! I met this project thanks to a post advertised on Fb


It’s a beautiful book, which captures and carries you in the magic world of populed lands.
A fantastic tale which in my opinion unified adults and children. Everything is really cared: characters, setting, plot. I’m looking for the second volume but I can’t find it nowhere…I want it!


New fantasy for curious and creative children
Fast and timely delivery. A beautiful new story of all-Italian fantasy adventures, the perfect gift for curious and slightly ingenious children who will be able to identify with the characters of the story. Easy reading for kids aged 8 and up or to read to the little ones.

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